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About Us


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About Us

We are a company that was founded in 2004. As a window cleaning company, started with one man, one squeegee and with our hard work, we wanted to leave a mark in life for our future generations so we name it: Legacy Window Cleaning. With the continued growth and success we offered more services and we created Legacy Carpet Cleaning Utah.

Equipment and insurance:

We are Certified Insured for Liability, Workers Compensation and Business Licensed. We have  all the professional equipment necessary for various cleaning needs in your home or business. Bonding available, as required. Professionally trained with OSHA laws.


Doing the best work possible assures us of the position of a leader in the industry, offering better opportunities in the marketplace for a job well done. We believe in forming a high standard with the ethics of responsibility, and creating an environment where a great love for our job and security becomes an asset we can all rely on.

Commitment and integrity:

Legacy Window Cleaning and Services LLC. We are a company that do not just get the job done; we make sure it's done right. We make it a priority to have a plan in place for your peace of mind. When we’re done, you shouldn’t even know we were there, but except for the shine left behind. We work together to make each job better than the last, always on the lookout for new ideas and opportunities to ease the way and improve the quality and value of your property.


Dirty LaundryJessica used to wash and hang her clothes to dry in her yard every weekend. Her neighbor watched her do this duty for years, always wondering to herself, “Does Jessica really even know how to clean clothes?” because the clothes were always dirty still. The neighbor commented on this to her husband repeatedly. One weekend the neighbor woke up surprised to see that Jessica’s clothes looked very bright and clean indeed! Impressed, she commented to her husband, “I see Jessica finally learned how to clean clothes properly.” The neighbor’s husband calmly replied, “Actually dear, Jessica cleaned our windows early this morning. Now you can clearly see the importance of having our windows cleaned.”