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Mauricio Rosales
President, Owner and Operator
A Life Lesson
When I was a young man I was working alongside my mother and brother in our family's orchard when it suddenly began to rain very hard. We decided that it would be best to return to our home for the time being, until the storm had subsided. As we made our way along the trail back toward our house we couldn't help but notice that the ground had become extremely hazardous. The downpour had caused it to become a veritable mud pit, making it very slippery and dangerous to traverse. Never the less, we pressed onward, making our way as best we could.

Without warning, my mother suddenly slipped on the trechourus terrain dropping the heavy basket of fruit perched atop her head, falling down hard, fracturing her arm. Seeing this terrible thing happen to my mother I was panicked, but amazed that she didn't even cry out, simply righting herself asking me to set her arm straight.

She then asked my brother and me to help her set her basket of fruit back atop her head. My mother then continued on, carrying her share of the day's collection from the fruit trees for more than three miles, all the way back to our home, without so much as a whimper nor a word about her badly broken arm, not even showing the slightest hint of the excruciating pain she must have been in.

After we had finally reached our house my mother went immediately to the clinic, returning with her arm in a cast.

This experience taught me a valuable lesson. Not only one of the value of hard work, but also one of the importance of responsibility and integrity. Looking back on that life lesson, I have since learned that I have a legacy to share with those around me in this life --service.
I'd like to dedicate this story to my mother and father. Thank you so much!

-Mauricio Rosales